The world's very first lockstitch industrial sewing machines which embrace the Electronic Feed Control through linked using a stepping motor. The next period of lockstitch sewing maker which develops the brand-new condition has been born.

Style Stitch, which was used to by hand just in the history, is now readily available. It produces the broad range of opportunities to cover on collar and cuffs.

New Double action thread cutting system
The two free points allow cutting the ribbon at the back of needle hole, understanding the staying short string at a point to use trouble-free performance.

Short lingering thread smallest 3mm
Hair biting after sewing is simple thanks to the little waiting thread as well as a time of the waiting thread.

Color LCD Touch Panel
The user-friendly touch panel is easily made for two brands of cover opportunity accordance with the users, Single mode Home, and Easy Mode Home. It shows image display products with illustration icons, using user-intuitive operation for the small sewing machine.

Finest efficiency mode
When using it ON, it works for upper thread gone out and visiting the brief thread.

Cross-over joint Assist Mode
You can set ON/OFF for simple seam sewing with stock density sensing unit. It works for obstructing brush at cross-over joint.

To enhance the reverse sewing operation
The hand changes can be selected functions which were formerly finished with the reverse lever. The switches lie inside operators experience. The engineer can carry out the operation without decreasing.

The payment stitch is readily available 
You can set different stitch, and half-length sew. By falling the switches to be utilized, the amount stitch is readily available with less operator's workload.

Automatic product density sensing unit
The electronic product density detecting unit recognizes the frequency during sewing, collecting regular sewing.

Safe Operation
When the sensing unit senses the rate difference, the feed movement and sewing speed are instantly altered for the weight joint. It minimizes the chances of blocking and needle consumption follow less problem for the operator.

The stitching pitch can be steady so even the unskilled workers can understand the quality stitching.

Needle Breakage Prevention
The needle removal is a major quality issue in the sewing groups. Just Brother's sewing businesses can offer services to it by the pointer injury avoidance function. With the electronic feeding system, it regulates the timing of the withdrawal of the needle and feeds pet while sewing and avoids the needle damage takes place. The office lowers the possibility of needle deformation which occurs when reverse stitching is performed with the back-tack change.

USB Port
The USB port is provided up as necessary, so sewing patterns copy and software utilization upgrade can be done quickly. By signing up such as suture length and sewing speed as a sewing business, you can copy the ecological settings to other sewing tools, decreasing the work time when the process adjustment.

LED Handy Light 
Two-sides LED useful light, whatever has advantages for illumination and sturdiness is geared up as a condition. Two-sides type avoids getting dark on buying with the situation, so it works for simple operation and performance improvement. The brightness can be adjusted five-level on the operation panel.